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Terms Frequently Heard In The Horseracing Circle

Aged Horse

A horse that is 7 or more years old.


The intending buyer at a yearling sale.


The Bit is a piece of metal attached to the bridle which runs through the mouth over the tongue and is used to direct or held control the horse when handling or riding.

Black Type

Any Group or Listed race win gives a horse 'black type'.


A horse is said to have bled if bleeding from the lungs occurs, most commonly, after strenuous exercise.


Eye shields fixed to the bridle to prevent a horse from looking sideways.

Breast Plate

A device attached to the saddle that prevents it from slipping back on the horse.


A bridle is placed on the head of a horse. Both the reins and bit are attached to the bridle.

Broken Down

When a horse sustains serious leg or other injury.


A mare used for breeding.


A term used to refer to the sire of a horse.

Clean Legs

Legs that are free of swelling, deformity or conformation faults.


The coloured silks worn by jockeys in a race.


A young male horse (3 years and under).


A horse's anatomical make up.


A horse that habitually grasps fixed objects with its incisor teeth.

Cross Over Nose Band

A band attached to the bridle that crosses over on top of the nose and under the bottom lip. Generally used to stop the horse opening it's mouth whilst in work.


The horse's mother.


Female horse (3 years and under).


A young horse up to the age of 12 months.


A male horse that has been castrated.


Protective eye-wear worn by jockeys

Group Races

The nations highest quality races are graded into three levels of importance with Group One races being the principal events.


The form in which horses are measured from the ground to the top of the wither. One hand is equal to 10 centimeters.


A stallion (4 years & over) that is used or will potentially be used for breeding purposes.


A device used to stop a horse holding or throwing its head to high when in work.

Over Reach

When a horse over extends its hind leg, clipping the heel of its front hoof.


Mesh eye covers used as eye protection and can encourage horses to relax when racing.

Passed In

If the horse has failed to reach it's reserve price at auction.


The family lineage and history of the horse.


A horse with paralysis of the larynx which causes a roaring sound when breathing in.


Light weight race saddle usually made of pigskin.

Saddle Cloth

The cloth placed on the horses back under the saddle used to prevent sweat damage to the saddle. Also used to highlight the number of the horse during a race.


The mating of a mare by a stallion.


A horse that shows signs of abnormality of the nervous system which is marked by spasmodic movements of tail and hind limbs.


A horse that habitually swings its head and neck and transfers weight from one forefoot to another.


Horse which suffers from a neurological disease caused by compression of the spinal cord and resulting in lack of balance and co-ordination.


A horse that habitually swallows air.